Hello all, it has been a silent 6 months for Australia’s Life Coach but things have been moving in the background. Let me share an idea with you:

Life is a journey, we know that , we have heard it.

A journey has a begining, a middle and sadly, always an end.

On journeys we take steps forwards, we take steps back. We go in circles, we lose our way, we take detours, we hit roadblocks, we find shortcuts, we find …things we never expected. Journeys do not have successes or failures. Journeys just are.

Journeys are rarely affected by the peace or stress we bring to them; but our experience, our perception of the journey, is radically altered by the amount of excitment, joy, anxiety or worry that we allow into our journeys.

See, imagine you went on a holiday with a friend and back home, you are sharing your stories with other friends. You may want to share how the destination was beautiful, how you loved the smell in the mornings, how the people were friendly, how the journey has opened up your life and enriched your experience, while your friend (or this may be reversed) maybe talking about how your flight was delayed, that you had to wait forever to get checked into the resort, how the city was overcrowded… and you get the idea.

Two people, a shared journey, but such different experiences.

So: here is a challenge, how do you see your journey? Do you remember the bad parts or the good parts? Have you, so far, enjoyed this journey of life?

Share this with people who are important in your journey and check back next week when we take the next step in our journeys.